The Optimal Controlled Storage Environment

  • Fast-feedback response system automatically maintains preset humidity levels (to 0% RH)
  • Smart nitrogen controllers reduce cost of operation and maintain RH stability
  • Full plenum chambers for uniform gas distribution and particle control
  • Revolutionary door designs with one-piece gaskets ensure long service life
  • Stainless steel, acrylic, or dissipative PVC, which controls surface charges and the particles they attract
  • Locking LiftLatches eliminate stress to hinges and seals
  • Hundreds of standard, application-specific designs

Complete Desiccator Product Information
Terra Universal Desiccators . . .
Ideal for

Semiconductor Devices
Chemical Samples
Archival Records



SmartDesiccator™ integrated turnkey system installs in 30 seconds, reduces N2 use up to 78%

NitroPlex™ provides chamber-by-chamber RH monitor/control, prevents moisture migration

SmartPlex™ wireless controller simplifies setup, datalogs humidity levels in each chamber


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